Wastewater Asset Management powered by daVinci ML

Super. Predictive. Analytics.

VODA.ai provides an AI-powered predictive wastewater asset management solution that can predict failure far more accurately than current methods – by up to 65 times.
Let our predictive analytics help focus your limited resources on the things that matter.

Cloud-based solution allows you to see the current and predicted health of your assets

Fight failure before it happens with predictive analytics

VODA.ai provides complete asset prioritization and predictive assessment insights, allowing utilities to proactively manage their sewer infrastructure. By using both spatial relational tools and pipe condition assessment data, this state-of-the-art modeling software offers predictive assessment insights without physical inspection and prioritizes which assets are most in need of repair or replacement before they fail. VODA.ai empowers system owners and engineers to safely and quickly assess and prioritize at-risk assets to more efficiently spend limited operational budgets and capital resources.

Proactively identify up to 65 times as many failures

With VODA.ai, you can identify 65 times as many failures in pipes identified as the worst 1%

Age Method



Prior Breaks Method






How does it work?


Structural Grade Scoring Based on Inspection

Harness the power of your existing inspection data.

Structural Grade Scoring Identified by daVinci ML

Let VODA.ai predict the defects in the rest of your system to help prioritize your future inspections.

What are you waiting for?

The proof is in the pudding. Let us show you how VODA.ai will make your utility more efficient, help you save money, and keep you focused on what you do best – serving your community.