Risk Modeling

Step 1

Condition Assessment

Step 2

Monitor, Rehab, Replace

Step 3

Water & Wastewater

RISK Modeling

Knowing which pipes need to be monitored, rehabbed, or replaced before they actually fail is what Risk Modeling is all about.

Likelihood of Failure

Odds are on your side

Predict the Likelihood of Failure (LOF) on your utility pipe’s system easily and quickly with Risk Modeling. 

Find out which pipes are on the verge of failing, identify the ones that do not need your immediate attention and make better planning decisions for your utility. Act proactively and prevent pipe failure while at the same time saving water, energy and money.

Consequence of Failure

Prevent catastrophic failures

Considering the consequence of a pipe failing near important areas can prevent disaster. Consequence of Failure (COF) calculates the significance of each pipe, based on its location and surroundings.

Business Risk Exposure

Risk is no longer your enemy

VODA.ai combines Likelihood of Failure with Consequence of Failure to come up with your total Business Risk Exposure and enables you to create meaningful risk reductions.

Calculate the top 1% of pipe failure up to 65 times more accurately than traditional methods. Benefit from daVinci’s capabilities and make Risk Modelling an essential part of your process.


Find patterns unseen by humans using daVinci.
Risk Modeling helps you reduce water loss, prevent catastrophic failures resulting in damages, and better allocate your limited capital resources. 

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“There is limited data to make expensive decisions around our pipe network. With VODA.ai’s machine learning technology, we are able to make smart decisions, save valuable resources, and protect our water infrastructure.”​
Tim Thomure 
Assistant City Manager City of Tucson

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