Leaks – even small ones – can lead to major problems if they are not detected early. Avoid the consequences of major breaks, lower your failure rate, and non-revenue water (NRW) with VODA.ai Leak Monitoring.

  • Planner for  Leak Monitoring
  • Field Leak Monitoring Equipment

Leak Monitoring requires Risk Modeling solution.

Planner for leak MONITORING

The right tool for NRW

Optimize for NRW, consequence, or total risk with Planner for Leak Monitoring.

Prevent pipe failure near important places, like hospitals and schools. Save money and stop negative publicity.


Tools that make a difference

Use cutting-edge acoustic leak detection technology to maximize your odds of finding leaks.
The system estimates the speed of sound in water pipes and pinpoints the location of a leak with Field Leak Monitoring Equipment.

Find out which pipes need immediate attention and manage costs more effectively.

Use your existing Field Leak Monitoring Equipment or a solution available by one of our trusted partners.


Plan smart and save money with VODA.ai Leak Monitoring.

Identify high risk pipes with Risk Modeling.

Create projects based on your budget, risk, and business rules with Planner for Leak Monitoring.

Prevent massive pipe failure by discovering leaks early with Field Leak Monitoring Equipment.

“You guys nailed it. There was a leak or a break at 25 of the top 30 ranked pipes.”
Project Manager, HDR

Try the most advanced NRW tool.