Water & Wastewater


Get valuable information for your utility’s pipelines with VODA.ai Analytics.

View insights from your data, maps, and tables, and have all the reports you need a click away.


Justify capital budgets


Justify capital budgets

Take advantage of industry first AI-powered RUL for all pipes in your network for the next 100 years! Use it to justify your next capital budget. Sounds amazing, right?

 RUL by material gives additional insights for future planning. Identify problematic material types, justify your decisions based on facts, and find the pipes that can last a few more years. Save money and prevent catastrophic failures. Yes, PVC is supported too.  


Let charts guide you

Generating Charts isn’t only for Analysts. Understand patterns from your existing data.

Make well informed decisions and provide better service to your community.  


Let maps show you the way

Your network’s insights are a click away. Get the data you need with no hassle. Reporting is now an easy task.   

TABLE reports

Let reports speak for you

Organize your data with Table Reports. Access and download KPIs like annual failures per 100 miles and failures by install year easier than ever before.


Pinpoint issues in your network.

Make improvements and more informative decisions without having to ask GIS to run reports for you.

Prioritize work based on the actual need, save money, and allocate your budget more efficiently.

Your data has a lot to say. Use VODA.ai Analytics to justify your
budget requests and do more for your community.