Make smart decisions

Make smart prioritization decisions fast with VODA.ai Inspections. The solution enables you to find problematic pipes that help you lower your I&I. It also determines the condition of pipes that physical equipment can’t easily get to.

  • VODA.ai Inspections
  • CCTV Inspections

Voda.ai inspections

stop unnecessary pain

With VODA.ai Inspections you can focus on pipes that need attention first, lowering your I&I and giving you the highest possible return on your investment. Pipe conditions can be easily and accurately accessed through the VODA.ai cloud platform.

cctv inspections

unleash the robots

Locate deteriorated sewer pipes and assess their severity quickly and effectively with CCTV Inspections. Avoid unnecessary digging and save money on overall pipe management.

VODA.ai Inspections integrates with your existing CCTV inspection solution or can be acquired as an end-to-end solution through our trusted partner, RedZone.


Lower your I&I by finding problematic collection mains fast with VODA.ai Inspections.

Assess 100% of your collection system by extrapolating existing NASSCO scores with daVinci.

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Is your sewer system causing you pain? Not anymore!