Risk Modeling

Step 1

Condition Assessment

Step 2

Monitor, Rehab, Replace

Step 3



Establish a baseline to understand the state of your pipe network and make data-based decisions.

Make sure your budget is spent on the pipes with the higher risk of  failing and prevent incidents that could impact your community.

  • Planner for Condition Assessement
  • Field Condition Assessment Equipment

Condition Assessment requires Risk Modeling solution.

Planner for Condition

Get to know your pipelines

Based on your budget, Planner for Condition Assessment will guide you on which pipes you should be focusing on. Projects are created based on risk and user defined business rules. 

Field Condition
Assessment Equipment 

Avoid unnecessary digs

Identify the condition of both distribution and transmission mains without big excavations using Field Condition Assessment Equipment.

VODA.ai Planner for Condition Assessment solution integrates with your existing equipment or can be acquired as an end-to-end solution through our trusted reseller, Echologics.


Deal with aging infrastructure challenges, create more effective plans and minimize costs with daVinci Condition Assessment.

Learn more about daVinci

Whether your goal is to lower your failure rate or total business risk, allocate your capital more effectively, or simply be more efficient in creating plans, VODA.ai Condition Assessment is the solution for you. 

“As we see our results and use your program, we are in awe.”
Zella West
Manager, Nob Hill Water Association

Assess the condition of your water mains and
make accurate and effective plans.