Risk Modeling

Step 1

Condition Assessment

Step 2

Monitor, Rehab, Replace

Step 3



Budget for your utility’s future effortlessly using VODA.ai Capital Planner. Create the right plan to lower OpEx and achieve your goals.

  • Condition Assessment
  • Rehab
  • Replacement

Capital Planner requires Risk Modeling solution.



Improve capital investment decisions with Planner for Condition Assessment.

DaVinci’s advanced data analysis helps you identify pipes with up to 65 times higher accuracy and predicts the integrity of pipes that are likely to last longer.

Planner for Condition Assessment creates projects within seconds. On top of that, the projects give you the most bang for your buck.



Extend your limited budget with Planner for Rehab.

Create cost-effective plans for reconditioning your pipe. Planner for Rehab uses Business Risk Exposure and user-defined business rules to identify feasible pipe rehabilitation projects.

Learn how Planner for Rehab can maximize your budget and support your capital investment goals.


Replace only what you need

Improve capital investment decisions Make defendable decisions for pipeline replacement based on your goals and financial plan. Planner for Replacement identifies pipes with high risk of failure and deteriorated remaining serviceability, helping you focus on assets that need to be replaced sooner than later. It also combines pipe segments according to your business rules to create plans that are scientific yet make intuitive sense.


Lower your OpEx by making the right CapEx decisions with VODA.ai Capital Planner.

Keep good pipe in the ground and use part of your CapEx for other projects.

Base your decisions on facts, not opinions or politics. Show others what working smart looks like!

We are excited to use the predictive modeling from VODA.ai as another tool to help make better decisions.
Doa Ross
Deputy General Manager at Southern Nevada Water Authority and Las Vegas Valley Water District

Forget complexity when working on capital planning.
VODA.ai Capital Planner is the choice for pros!