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About VODA.ai
  • What is VODA.ai?

    VODA.ai is a tech company utilizing AI and machine learning to revolutionize the management of water infrastructure. We’ve developed our proprietary technology, daVinci, to forecast water main breaks accurately. With the ability to predict potential failures, water utilities can proactively manage their infrastructure, prevent costly service disruptions, conserve water, and drive operational efficiency.

  • Who is VODA.ai for?

    VODA.ai serves water utilities, municipalities, and organizations responsible for maintaining water supply infrastructure. Our predictive analytics solutions are transformative for any utility or organization looking to make data-driven decisions, improve service reliability, conserve water resources, and optimize infrastructure maintenance and capital planning.

  • How does VODA.ai work?

    VODA.ai applies its proprietary machine learning model, daVinci, to analyze large datasets about your water network. This AI-powered technology uses historical data and a variety of variables to understand the state of the infrastructure, identify patterns, and generate precise predictions about potential water main breaks. This enables utilities to undertake preventative measures, reduce service interruptions, and manage their networks more efficiently.

  • What problem does VODA.ai solve?

    VODA.ai solves a critical challenge in the water industry: predicting and preventing infrastructure failures. Unexpected water main failures can lead to costly repairs, service interruptions, water loss, and damage to public and private property. By leveraging AI and machine learning, VODA.ai’s predictive analytics solutions empower utilities to shift from a reactive approach to proactive and predictive maintenance. This helps reduce operational costs, conserve water, enhance service reliability, and improve customer satisfaction.

VODA.ai Products and Services
  • What is VODA.ai app? How can you sign up for it?

    The VODA.ai app is a platform that provides easy access to the insights generated by our AI model. It allows users to visualize predictions, access detailed reports, and make data-driven decisions. You can sign up for the VODA.ai app through our website or by contacting our sales team directly. The app is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, with full support provided by our dedicated customer service team.

  • What is VODA.ai’s daVinci?

    DaVinci is VODA.ai’s proprietary machine learning model. It’s designed to process a wide range of data related to water infrastructure and predict where failures are most likely to occur in the future. This predictive ability enables utilities to prioritize repairs or replacements of the most critical pipes, resulting in substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies.

  • What is VODA.ai Capital Planner and who can benefit from it?

    The VODA.ai Capital Planner is a strategic tool that allows utilities to optimize capital investments in their water infrastructure. It employs our daVinci model to provide a clearer understanding of the condition of their water mains and predict their remaining useful life. This allows utilities to make informed, data-driven decisions about infrastructure investment, leading to more efficient capital expenditure. Water utilities seeking to improve their capital planning process can significantly benefit from it.

  • What are VODA.ai Lead Finder and VODA.ai LeadZero, and who can benefit from them?

    VODA.ai Lead Finder harnesses our AI model’s capabilities to forecast the locations with the highest likelihood of containing lead service lines, enabling utilities to prioritize replacements for enhanced customer safety. It’s a valuable resource for utilities in regions with older infrastructure.

    Meanwhile, VODA.ai LeadZero empowers utilities to efficiently plan and execute lead service line replacements. By utilizing AI predictions, it helps safeguard public health and optimize resource allocation. This service is a boon for utilities facing lead service line challenges. Additionally, VODA.ai LeadZero supports the sampling and replacement process, aiding utilities in determining which pipes require sampling and assisting in creating cases for regulatory compliance.

  • How can you benefit from VODA.ai solutions?

    VODA.ai solutions provide several benefits. By accurately predicting water main failures, utilities can prioritize maintenance and replacements, leading to substantial cost savings. Our solutions also improve operational efficiency, enhance service reliability, reduce water loss, and promote more informed, data-driven capital planning. Ultimately, our solutions lead to more sustainable and efficient water infrastructure management.

  • I know what pipes will break – why would I use VODA.ai?

    While domain knowledge and historical data are valuable, they don’t provide the complete picture. VODA.ai leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze large datasets and identify patterns and trends that are not immediately obvious. Our predictive analytics solutions can augment your knowledge and intuition, resulting in more accurate predictions, better decision-making, and more efficient use of resources.

  • How accurate is VODA.ai’s daVinci?

    The accuracy of daVinci depends on several factors, including the quality and breadth of data provided. However, our machine learning model has consistently outperformed traditional models in predicting water main failures. We continually work on refining and improving our model to provide the most accurate predictions possible.

  • What other sources of data does VODA.ai use?

    In addition to your water infrastructure data, VODA.ai incorporates a broad range of data sources to enhance prediction accuracy. This includes geographical data, soil characteristics, weather patterns, historical failure data, and other relevant factors. By integrating various data types, our model can make comprehensive and precise predictions.

  • How is VODA.ai different?

    VODA.ai sets itself apart through a strategic combination of proprietary AI technology, domain expertise, and a customer-centric approach. Our innovative solutions are adapted from other markets and applications, tailored specifically to tackle the unique challenges of water infrastructure management. Our AI model, daVinci, continuously evolves to make more precise predictions as it processes additional data. Additionally, our dedicated team collaborates closely with each client, gaining profound insights into their distinct challenges, ensuring our solutions provide maximum value and impact.

  • Does VODA.ai serve markets outside potable water?

    Currently, VODA.ai’s primary focus is on the potable water market. Our AI model is designed to predict infrastructure failures in potable water systems. However, our technology has the potential to be adapted to other types of infrastructure or industries in the future.

  • What can I expect when partnering with VODA.ai?

    When you partner with VODA.ai, you can expect personalized service, innovative solutions, and measurable outcomes. We work closely with you to understand your specific challenges and objectives and customize our services to meet your needs. Our team will guide you through every step of the implementation process and provide ongoing support to ensure you maximize the benefits of our predictive analytics solutions.

  • What if we don’t have good data?

    VODA.ai understands that not every utility has high-quality data or comprehensive records. If your data is limited or incomplete, our team can still work with you. Our AI model can learn from the data you do have, and we can assist in strategies to enhance your data collection efforts over time. Our goal is to help you leverage your data, regardless of its current state, to improve your infrastructure management.

  • What happens to our data?

    Data security and privacy are our top priorities at VODA.ai. We adhere to strict data handling and storage protocols to protect your data. We use your data exclusively for generating predictive insights and improving our AI model. We do not share or sell your data to any third parties without your explicit consent.

  • What are VODA.ai’s security measures?

    VODA.ai utilizes advanced security measures to protect your data. These measures include robust encryption protocols, secure data storage, and strict access controls. We comply with all relevant data privacy and protection laws and continually update our security practices to address evolving threats.

Understanding AI and ML
  • What is artificial intelligence?

    Artificial intelligence is a broad field of computer science that’s all about creating systems that can perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. These tasks include learning, reasoning, problem-solving, understanding language, and recognizing patterns.

  • Why do we need artificial intelligence?

    Artificial intelligence allows us to process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, identify patterns and insights that humans might miss, automate routine tasks, and improve decision-making in a wide range of fields. In the context of water infrastructure, AI can enable more accurate predictions, efficient maintenance, better resource allocation, and improved service reliability.

  • What is machine learning?

    Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating algorithms that improve automatically through experience. In other words, machine learning systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed to perform the task.

  • What benefits can the water industry see with artificial intelligence?

    AI can revolutionize the water industry in several ways. It can enable predictive maintenance, allowing utilities to proactively address potential infrastructure failures and save substantial costs. AI can also improve operational efficiency, conserve water, enhance service reliability, and facilitate more informed, data-driven capital planning. Moreover, AI can help in managing water quality, detecting leaks, and optimizing water distribution.

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Cost and Effectiveness
  • How do I know VODA.ai works?

    We have a track record of success with numerous utilities that have used our solutions to predict water main failures and optimize their maintenance and capital planning. You can find case studies and testimonials on our website that demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology.

  • How much does VODA.ai cost?

    The cost of our solutions varies depending on the size of your water network and your specific needs. We encourage you to contact our sales team directly to discuss pricing.

  • Can I repeat VODA.ai’s analysis every couple of years?

    Absolutely. Regular updates to the predictive analysis are recommended to take into account changes in your infrastructure, new data, and improvements to our machine learning model. This will help you maintain the accuracy of the predictions and the effectiveness of your proactive maintenance program.

Final Considerations
  • Is it worthy?

    VODA.ai’s solutions deliver significant value by enabling predictive maintenance of water infrastructure. By proactively addressing potential failures, you can prevent costly emergency repairs, service interruptions, and water loss. Our solutions also improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and allow for more informed, data-driven capital planning.

  • Who can benefit from VODA.ai services?

    Water utilities, municipalities, and organizations responsible for maintaining water supply infrastructure can all benefit from VODA.ai services. Our solutions can transform their infrastructure management by enabling predictive maintenance, improving operational efficiency, and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

  • Why are VODA.ai services unique?

    VODA.ai’s services are unique due to our proprietary AI technology, our domain expertise, and our customer-centric approach. Our AI model, daVinci, is specifically designed for predicting water main failures and continually evolves to provide increasingly accurate predictions. Our deep understanding of the water industry allows us to tailor our services to each client’s specific needs, and our dedicated team provides personalized service and support to ensure you get the most out of our solutions.

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