Empowering utilities to improve the lives of a billion people.

15 states

6 countries

>1M miles of pipe

VODA.ai has been helping utilities by performing AI-based analyses since 2017. We’ve worked in 15 states, 6 countries and analyzed over 1M miles of pipe.

Smart Water Summit

100+ utility executives from 78 water utilities at the Smart Water Summit selected VODA.ai as the Best Smart Water Solution.

In the Beginning . . .

George Demosthenous worked in the water industry for years, and often heard his utility friends complain by the amount of pipe failures they had to deal with. They shared their frustration over bad press and felt that planning was time-consuming and complicated.

While George was working on a master’s degree at Harvard, he took an innovation course from Jim Fitchett. Jim had previously run a company that used advanced technology to predict the health of people. They found patterns that led to health events and then applied those patterns to groups of people, predicting the likelihood of diabetic complications, cardiac episodes, and other avoidable events.

Over coffee one day, George told Jim about the problem of poor health of water pipes. A lightbulb went off in Jim’s head. If the health of people could be predicted, why not water pipe health as well? Soon after, they founded VODA.ai to help water professionals plan more effectively, easier, and faster – way faster.

What is VODA?

Water is a scarce resource that is increasingly becoming more expensive. It’s also the reason we are in business. We are helping utilities around the globe lower their water loss by planning better, finding weak and leaky pipes, and preventing catastrophic failures.

The word voda first appeared in several Slavic languages with the meaning of water. Today, 26 countries speaking 10 different languages use voda as water. Soon enough, you will too.



VODA.ai is a company where people have meaningful work with meaningful relationships and one that improves other people’s lives. This is our definition of a great company.

Professionalism, domain expertise and using the industry’s most powerful predictive engine are what distinguishes us from our competitors. In the center of our culture is obsession over customer happiness. We succeed only when our customers succeed.

Together we can achieve great things!


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