What is DeployMass?

DeployMass is a state program through MassCEC that encourages the adoption of clean energy technologies by public or public-interest customers. MassCEC works with an independent third-party technical consultant to determine the technology readiness level (TRL) of companies interested in participating. VODA.ai is proud to announce we have been chosen as a commercially ready technology to serve water utilities in Massachusetts.

How can DeployMass & VODA.ai help my water utility?

DeployMass provides grants to specific technological solutions they deem ready for the commercial market with limited functional risk.

VODA.ai is one of those solutions, meaning you can get up to 75% of the cost for our AI system subsidized through our DeployMass partnership.

Prioritize pipe monitoring, maintenance, and replacements with AI software that ranks your pipes by Risk of Failure (Likelihood of Failure x Consequence of Failure) within 12 months and up to 10 years.

VODA.ai User Interface

To provide accurate pipe breaking estimates, we understand far more than your break history and pipe age. daVinci ML, VODA.ai’s super-engine, uses Machine Learning to assess complex data sets specific to your utility public data (ex: satellite images, soil, land use) in order to develop pipe break predictions customized to your utility. We then deliver useful, visual reports so you can truly justify your investment plan and rate case.


  • Reduce your large breaks by over 50% and increase your field personnel’s safety
  • Prioritize your worst 1-3% of pipes for maintenance and sensor placements
  • Maintain optimal customer service by lowering unnecessary interruptions


  • Minimize premature replacements by 25%
  • Utilize live data to accurately adjust engineering plans
  • Save millions in unnecessary pipe rehabilitations & replacements


  • Reduce non-revenue water
  • Utilize risk reports to support your operations and planning budgets + justify investment in specific zones
  • Justify your rate case to regulators

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